Few days in New York

  • pruebas
  • por Administrator
  • 11-08-2014

I'm about to make a little visit to New York city. My plans are to have some relaxed days walking around and visiting my favorite places, but this time I was thinking that maybe I could have some dates there. I think it'll be interesting to know how this things work on the other side of the ocean. So, if you are a newyorker or you are planning to be in the city in a few days and want to meet this little spanish red hair, please write me an email and I'll give you more details. It'll be nice to have some local company ;)

See you soon!


Nota para mis lectores no angloparlantes: tranquilos, que no cunda el pánico, sólo me voy por unos pocos días. Nueva York es sólo una pequeña escapada, en nada me tenéis de vuelta en casa.